Dr. Jonathan Lotson was born and raised in the Washington, D.C area, and worshiped at Kirkland Memorial 2nd Church of God in Christ growing up.  Unlike the typical toddler, he wanted not to only fellowship but to teach God’s word. Having initially started ministering at the age of five, under the leadership of his Great Uncle Superintendent Isaac Sams, it is safe to say his calling to ministry was of purpose and in God’s will.


He is a faithful servant and believes in the importance of defining the difference between relationship and religion. He lives to serve God by fostering faith and ever aiming to preach and teach the Gospel.


He also has a great love for music and recognized his appetite for music also at an early age. His love for music drew him to play the trumpet, saxophone, the piano/organ and to sing. Dr. Lotson focused his educational career on music and completed High School in 2009 and was a part of the Visual and Performing Arts program at Suitland High School.


With blessed hands and unwavering work ethic, he became a musical mogul and was honored to travel during the peak of his educational career. During High School and College, he was fortunate to travel the Country and even abroad to Germany. During College, he focused exclusively on music and totally committed himself to his studies with the ministry still embedded in his heart. Dr. Lotson graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts with a degree in Professional Music minoring in Africana Studies. Dr. Lotson has also completed his Master of Divinity degree from the C.H. Mason Seminary at the Interdenominational Theological Center in Atlanta, GA and a doctorate in Strategic Leadership with a concentration in Ecclesial Leadership from Regent University in Virginia Beach, Virginia. 

Dr. Lotson is also a certified life coach. Furthermore, he has been blessed to serve churches as a consultant and work personally with leaders, walking alongside them in their personal and leadership development. He has also been privileged to serve in many leadership roles throughout his local church, jurisdiction, and community for almost a decade. Dr. Lotson is passionate about leaders and faith-based organizations and works diligently to equip leaders and faith-based organizations to maintain their mandate in the world. Dr. Lotson is happily married to Mrs. LaShanne Lotson.

His life’s purpose is to grow his faith and endurance to his ministry with the blessings, gifts, and callings that God has bestowed upon his life.


P.O. Box 893

Morrow, GA 30260



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