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Effective leaders produce effective teams and organizations. However, those things do not happen on accident. In the face of today’s challenges, constant shifts in expectations, and drastic changes in culture, the organizations that will be most successful are those that have the right people in the top leadership roles working effectively together, an organizational culture that is aligned with the organization, and a commitment to developing the leadership abilities in everyone in the organization on a consistent basis. Dr. Lotson once said “success, wealth, and clarity are not achieved in isolation but with the help of others. That’s where we come in.”


We walk alongside leaders to assist them in various ways. Look below to see some of the most request consultations.


Proper Placement

Proper placement is imperative for every organization, and without proper placement, our natural desire to create order out of chaos remains undone. This session will examine your organization, bringing the game of Tetris to life. This module will highlight the importance of proper placement, the results of improper placement, and develop a safe space to begin to ask the "hard" questions to ensure that your organization maintains its mandate in the world.


Value of Assessments

Assessments allow organizations to not only fulfill their purpose but MAINTAIN success and effectiveness in their organization. Assessments provide information to help leaders and organizations to learn, analyze, and grow in the right direction. Assessments also serve as a source of motivation. This session provides a just the right assessments for both leaders and organizations to consider to enhance their personal leadership and their organization.


Strategic Foresight

Change is inevitable. However, if an organization is ill-prepared for the change, it will be impossible for them to fulfill their mandate in the world. Strategic foresight considers external changes in relation to an organization's current internal capabilities. This session introduces several strategic foresight tools to assist organizations with planning for the future.


Systems and Structures

Systems and structure are present in every organization. However, every system and structure are not healthy. This session highlights the importance of systems and structures and provides a method to help organizations find and develop an authentic rhythm (a strong, regular, repeated pattern of movement) needed to sustain healthy systems and structures.

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Every individual who is serious about making the most out of life needs a coach.


Many people associate coaching with a sports team. However, leaders need coaching too in order to be successful. Just like athletes need to be coached to reach their full potential, you also need to be coached. Coaching is defined as training or development that helps a learner achieve a goal.

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Dr. Jonathan Lotson is a dynamic speaker and uses his gift to share about various topics. Contact us today to inquire about Dr. Lotson speaking at your next event.